Monday, July 17, 2017

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

After getting married, Isaac and I spent a week in Lake Havasu Arizona on our honeymoon! We went to Arizona in hopes of escaping the cold, but sadly, it was pretty chilly and stormy the whole week we were there haha! We spent a lot of time just relaxing at the resort :) We did venture out one day when the weather was pretty good to go see the famous London Bridge though and that was really cool! We had a good time.

View from the London Bridge!
After the honeymoon, we came back to Oregon and were there for about a week packing, going to waterpolo games and hanging out with family before the big move to Rexburg! My family was so good and pretty much packed all my stuff up while I was gone. Or maybe Tayler just REALLY wanted my bedroom haha ;) Either way it was super nice! We planned on moving into our apartment on the 1st of January, so we left on the 30th with Isaac's parents who were helping us to bring over all our stuff. 

Went on a hike with the family in Macleay Park :) 
Our first apartment in Rexburg was great! It was really nice, and the ward we were in was great. We were apartment #24 at University Gateway II. It was a furnished apartment, so we didn't have to worry about buying a couch or bed yet which was so great! 

Isaac and I moved again a little less than a month ago to save money, so we are currently living above Christensen Auto Body shop. There are two apartments, and our neighbors are super nice! We love it so far :) Jackie used to live in the apartment next to us, and luckily she still had the number of the landlord, so she helped hook us up :) She and Tyler also gave us their old bed and frame since this new apartment was not furnished! My family is so great! Here are some pictures of when we were cleaning, before we moved in. 
The Kitchen

Kitchen and Living Room - Door to the bathroom is on the far right

Bathroom - Isaac loves the standing shower haha!

Bedroom!We love the beautiful teal carpet ;)

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